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* Do you know what DNS Tunneling is?

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DNS Tunneling is a popular cyberattack that tends to be very difficult to detect. Attackers that initiate it control a server and manage to route the DNS queries (DNS requests) to it. That way, they create a hidden command and control channel and data exfiltration path. DNS tunneling attack is commonly used for stealing internal information of the target network.

Despite the fact that the DNS Tunneling attack is really hard to detect, there are some techniques that could assist you in noticing any strange activities.

For simplicity, we can define them into two major categories – payload analysis and traffic analysis.

  • Payload analysis – It includes the examination of the DNS payload for one or more DNS requests and responses for signs for tunneling.
  • Traffic analysis – It includes examining the DNS traffic over time.

In case you want to learn more about this topic, we suggest you check out this article with additional information about DNS tunneling!